Experts Suggest Getting Head Start On Filing Taxes


H&R Block's Gayle Primm says now's as good a time as any to get your paperwork together, so you can meet that April 15th tax filing deadline.

Employers have until January 31st to get W2 forms mailed and Primm says it's especially important this year for those to get out in a timely manner.

"You're looking at a huge amount of people trying to get something done in a very short timespan," said Primm. "So, the earlier they're required to get the W2's in, the earlier we can get the ball rolling."

Primm says right now tax preparers are bracing for word from the IRS .. Will the fix to the alternative minimum tax signed into law Wednesday result in refunds coming in late?

"Congress and the President have both delayed getting it taken care of but it's taken care of now, but the IRS has to have time to get it into their system so that's what is delaying us in getting the filing underway," she said.

Some estimate it could take the IRS up to seven weeks to update its system, given the new change to the law. That means processing returns could take that much longer.

Primm says when it comes to your having all the necessary paperwork, what you don't know can hurt you. Her advice is to ask yourself a few questions ...

"Are you going to be aware of, like last year for example, they had the telephone credit. Are you going to be aware of any other special things coming out that you could qualify for, such as a savers credit?"

Most importantly, know those important tax filing dates:

Tax filing deadline is April 15th and the extension deadline is October 18th.

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