Beebe Says He Declined AT&T's Offer of Cotton Bowl Ticket

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe says he declined an offer by AT&T to sit in the company's box seats for the Cotton Bowl.

Beebe says as a rule, he doesn't take things from people who lobby him.  The governor says he didn't know how many seats AT&T would have provided him.

Beebe spokesman Grant Tennille says AT&T also offered to fly Beebe to the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas on a company plane, and Beebe didn't know about that offer.  Tennille says Beebe, a Democrat, would have sat in a box with Missouri Governor Matt Blunt, a Republican.

Blunt's office did not return a call yesterday for comment.

A spokesman for AT&T Arkansas and AT&T Missouri says the company is "committed to following state ethics laws and rules for public disclosure."

AT&T serves as the main corporate sponsor of the Cotton Bowl, which this year features #25 Arkansas and #7 Missouri.

Beebe is actually known to be more of a fan of Arkansas State's football program, rather than Arkansas'.  Beebe is a northeast Arkansas native (Jackson County), ASU alum and a former member of the school's board of trustees.  He is usually seen at most ASU home games in Jonesboro.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)