Special Sales Tax Fizzles In First Month, Bono Lake Project Up In Air

JONESBORO - Shops might have been full this holiday season but you may not have guessed it if you looked at the most recent sales tax collections for the month of October.

Craighead County received 6% less in revenues compared to 2006. Why?

"I have no explanation as to why," said Russell Patton, III, County Treasurer. "It couldn't possibly be because of gift cards."

Patton says because the numbers would indicate a decrease in October retail sales of $7.8 million, the state will look into the possibility that some merchants didn't collect the one percent tax.

"I hope it's just some type of clerical error. Maybe we just got off to a slow start," he said.

Some, including Patton, think the months of November and December could offer relief in the way of higher tax revenues to meet that $4 million mark the county needs to fund the project.

"I really think that just by judging the number of cars in the parking lot, when you go shopping yourself and look for a parking space."

While he does express confidence the numbers will improve, Patton says in the case the needed funds aren't there and the Bono Lake Project is out $78,000 officials may opt for the construction of a smaller lake.

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