Arkansas Girl Dies After Being Shot at Least Seven Times

LITTLE ROCK, AR - A 6-year-old Little Rock girl died yesterday, one day after she was shot repeatedly by gunmen outside her home.

Kamya Weathersbey was shot at least seven times about 5 a.m. Saturday, and doctors declared her brain dead.  Little Rock police spokesman Terry Hastings said the family decided yesterday to donate her organs and take her off life support at Arkansas Children's Hospital.

Police meanwhile are still investigating a motive and had leads but could not discuss them.

Hastings said police are sure the shootings were some kind of retaliation but just have to figure out what.  He said the family had only lived at the house about a month, and there was a possibility the shooters intended to hurt someone else and went to the wrong house.

Kamya was lying in her bed when the shootings occured.  A 4-year-old girl who was sleeping in Kamya's bed was grazed by a bullet, but not seriously hurt.

Hastings said at least two more gunmen fired the shots, putting 50 rounds or more into the residence.

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