Nearly 700 Arkansans Considered "Missing"

PEA RIDGE, AR - When 16-year-old April Andrews left her Pea Ridge home more than a year ago, she told her mother she was walking to a nearby church to look at some clothes the church was giving away.  Her mother hasn't seen her since.

April is one of about 680 people listed missing in Arkansas by the Arkansas Crime Information Center.  Operations Manager Sharron Stallings said only 16 of those listed appear on the agency's Web site.  And Stallings said it would help if local law enforcement agencies would seek to post the person's information on the site, but few agencies do.

Arkansas law requires law enforcement agencies to immediately enter a missing child into the center's missing person database.  For adults to be listed by the Arkansas Crime Information Center, they must be in "at risk" circumstances, such as mentally or physically disabled, thought to be in danger or having disappeared during a catastrophe, such as a natural disaster.

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