What Do You Want In 2008? Region 8 Responds


When we set out to pick the brains of people in Region 8, we asked them one question ... What do you wish for in 2008?

"I'd like to see more arcades or places you can go to play games," said one shopper at the Turtle Creek Mall.

"More shopping centers, more money, I'd like to have a new house but mainly more money," said another shopper.

One Jonesboro man told Region 8 News he'd like to see an end to the war in Iraq.

"I'm in the army and I'll be shipping out on the 24th. I'm not trying to fight a war that's not mine. I don't want to get shot or anything."

If you have any want for 2008 you'd like to share with us, e-mail us at region8responds@kait8.com

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"I want gas prices to fall just as fast as they continue to go up." -- Jerry in Jonesboro

"I would love a new president who can set our country where it needs to be and help those who need it, fast!" -- Dalton in Craighead County

"I would like to see an ice skating rink built indoors as part of the new mall that is replacing Indian Mall.  An ice skating rink like they had at the old Mall of Memphis that was torn down.  KAIT8 did a news story last year about people who want to ice skate having to travel out of state to do so.  I think an indoor ice staking rink would be a great additional draw to the new mall being developed."  -- Kristy (no city given)

"I would like to have my good health back." -- Jerry (no city given)

"I would like to see Ron Paul elected president, and see all the criminal political parrots and lobbyist puppets confined to New Orleans for life.  Let's see how well their lies, lipstick, wigs, and toupees hold up there." -- Charles in Clay County

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