Dumas Recovery from Tornado Damage Nearly Complete

DUMAS, AR - Officials in Dumas say the recovery from tornadoes that went through town in February is nearly complete.

The southeast Arkansas town was hit hard when storms tore through the heart of the city, destroying retail stores, a pet-food factory and numerous homes.  No one was killed, but more than two dozen people were hurt.  The storms destroyed or damaged 150 homes, and put at least 800 people out of work for a time.

Mayor Marion Gill says people visiting Dumas today would have a hard time seeing that the storms went through.

Industrial properties are running again, and rebuilding work has begun on the last two retailers that were taken out by the storm, the Mad Butcher grocery store and the Exxon convenience store.

Gill credits thousands of volunteers for the speedy recovery.  He says the volunteers came without being asked and stayed until the work was done.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)