NEA Clinic's Charitable Foundation to Offer Free Lead Testing for Toys

JONESBORO, AR - NEA Clinic Charitable Foundation for Healthy Children, in partnership with Toy Castle (in The Mall at Turtle Creek) will be offering free lead testing for children's toys during the week of January 7-13.

The lead content in children's toys has been a major concern for parents and many toys have recently been recalled due to the high contents of lead in the paints used to decorate them.  Recalls usually take extensive federal testing that may take weeks to determine if a toy is to be recalled.  With a new lead detecting tool, lead content can be detected instantly.  The lead testing gun will be available for testing in Jonesboro beginning Monday inside the Toy Castle during normal store hours.  Any toys that you may have at home can be tested at no charge.

More information is available by calling the Foundation at 934-5130 or 897-2094.