City Council Reaction On Mayor's Announcement

JONESBORO - After making the announcement Wednesday that he won't be seeking another term as city mayor, Doug Formon reflects on his time in office.

"Considering I was raised in a Jim Walter home with parents who only completed an 8th grade education and now I'm the mayor of Jonesboro, that's great," said Formon.

Public Works Director Eric Woodruff says Forman's leadership has led to better morale among Jonesboro officials.

"The thing about Mayor Forman is you always knew where you stand with him," said Woodruff. "He's always up-front like he was today with us and that's one thing I can respect him for and I'll always have that respect for."

Police Chief Mike Yates echoes the sentiment that for the past four years, it's the mayor who's been instrumental in making important decisions for the further growth of the city.

"I think it's a bad thing because I've worked for Mayor Forman and I think he's a very nice, very honest man who has done good for the city," he said.

When asked his response to people's claims that the city council made things more difficult for Formon, former Joneboro Mayor Hubert Brodell said, "I think he would say it was more than he expected."

Other council members say they respect Forman's decision not to seek re-election.

"It's a very stressful, responsible position," said Alderman John Street. "There are many pressures and especially in a big city such as Jonesboro with the job becoming more and more complex. It's an awesome responsibility for one person."

Some city council members say they'll roll with the changes.

"We may have different leadership in '09 but I don't feel that will change anything," said Woodruff.

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