Jonesboro Residents Could Soon Have A Choice When It Comes To Cable

"We're excited, we think it shows the council is interested in providing more choices to the people of the city," said Ritter Communications' John Strode.

Initially Ritter will provide cable service to businesses they are already serving in the city, but are working to potentially provide cable services to even more customers in other parts of the city.

An exact date of when extended services will be offered hasn't been finalized.

"Some of that will depend on how much demand we get from potential customers. You know if we get a lot of demands from customers than we will have to evaluate and see where it makes sense for us to expand our facilities and offer service," said Strode.

Strode says because Ritter is based in Northeast Arkansas, when you call with questions you get someone from this area who is familiar with the area to answer those questions.

"I think it's fair to say Suddenlink has been involved with the process since it's inception. They have been given the opportunity to review the francise agreement, and also review the impact to their business.  Ultimately we're looking at the best interest of the city of Jonesboro and also adherence to federal and state regulations," said Jonesboro Project Administrator, Tony Thomas.