ASU Committee Narrows Mascot Choice Down to Three

January 4, 2008 - Posted at 4:48 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas State University is one step closer to choosing a new mascot.  After 76 years as the Indians, the school was banned by the NCAA from hosting post season NCAA championship events unless they changed the Indian mascot.

Beginning with more than 1500 suggestions, the mascot selection screening committee has narrowed it all the way down to a final three.

A list that started out as 1500 became 700, then to 42 and then it was cut to 12...and finally now, three concepts remain standing.

"It looks like a great process and they are giving a lot of thought to the process and I am excited about the new mascot," said ASU Fan Harry Harrell.

"Beautiful designs, a lot of designs that we can build on and that we can change and that we can modify if we want to," said committee member Carrie White.

Jamie Skiles from Phoenix Design Works presented his imagery Friday.  The committee narrowed the list to six and then decided to further the ideas of Red Wolves, Ridge Riders and an Express Train concept.

"I like the train image because trains have been a byproduct of Arkansas State University since the founding in 1909. Nearly every student has been harassed or inconvenienced by a train," laughed Harrell.

While none of the ideas or imagery are final, it is one step closer to a decision.

"It looks like we are starting to get close, I am encouraged," said White, "I have two or three favorites right now, and so we'll see what happens."

Skiles from initially tried to prevent Region 8 News from showing any of the designs citing "intellectual property" entitlements, but later allowed our cameras to shoot the designs but only from certain angles and distance.

Skiles will present at least three new drawings at the next committee meeting on January 30th.