Free Lead Testing for Toys

JONESBORO- The newest technology is giving parents a peace of mind as to whether or not their child's toys might contain lead.

For the rest of the week, the NEA Charitable Foundation is teaming up with the Toy Castle to test your child's toys for lead.

"There's always that worry and that concern. That's why it was really easy for us to say yeah, let's do something for the community and at least bring a peace of mind to the parents who have toys they think may be dangerous," said Holly Acebo of NEA.

This comes after last fall's recall of thousands of toys including Thomas the Train, Hot Wheels, and even Barbie, to name a few.

"We had a lot of parents that were really concerned. We had a lot of parents coming in that were afraid to buy toys from the countries that we had the recalls in, especially with it being right before Christmas season," said Angela Flemon of Toy Castle.

Until now, lead testing was unavailable in Jonesboro, but for anyone with a child - the arrival of this technology comes with a warm welcome.

"That's the biggest concern for our families and for other families in the community, keeping their kids safe. Nobody wants to think they are giving them something that is going to endanger them in any way," said Flemon.

The lead testing x-ray gun comes with a price tag of about 30-thousand dollars. To many parents, that's not very much when it comes to their child's safety.  The cool thing about the gun is that you can hold it up to a toy, pull the trigger, and in just a matter of seconds it will tell you if there is enough particles in the toy to actually make it harmful to your child.

And this week you don't have to shell out thousands to get your kid's toys tested.

"It's a free service. People can bring as many toys as they want all week long, and have that peace of mind," said Acebo.

And toy store employees say toys that need to be tested most are those you've probably forgotten all about.

"I think a lot of the older toys that we and our parents played with as children, that have been put up in the attic and we're now getting down for the babies. Those are the most dangerous," said Flemon.

You can have your childs toys tested now through Sunday at the Toy Castle inside the  Turtle Creek Mall during regular business hours.  They are located just by the Target entrance of the mall.

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