Former Jonesboro Alderman Out of Jail

January 7, 2008: Posted at 10:45 PM CST

Former Jonesboro City Councilman Alec Farmer is out of jail tonight, almost two days after being arrested at Laguardia International Airport in Queens, New York. He was arrested Sunday morning at Laguardia for bringing a gun into the state. The arrest happened when Farmer told the agent at the ticket counter he had a gun in his checked baggage. Monday night after his arraignment, Farmer called us to make it clear that he did not try to board the plane with his weapon.

"Well they charged me with trying to bring a loaded weapon onto an airline which, right on its face the weapon wasn't loaded but because the ammo was in the same bag as the weapon as the firearm, they consider that close proximity. Also they're trying to say I was trying to bring it on the airplane but what I was trying to do was check it with the airline like you would a hunting weapon when you're traveling with it. As i was trying to check the weapon at the ticket counter and the ammo that were both in the same bag, i was informed that if you did not have a New York state permit your weapon, even if it was legally registered in your home state, then the weapon was illegal in the state of New York."

Farmer drove to New York state to help his daughter move. He took the gun for protection. He was released without bail and told us he looks forward to fighting the charges. He added that he was told by officers mistakes like his happen one to three times per month. Farmer expects to be home in Jonesboro on Tuesday.