Huckabee Has History of Winning Support, or At Least Attention

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Mike Huckabee's offbeat antics have helped propel him to the front of the Republican presidential pack after a decade honing his style as governor of Arkansas.

As governor, he moved with his wife into a triple-wide trailer while the governor's mansion was being renovated.  He wedded her again, before a crowd at a sports arena, to show support for a marriage law he had just signed.  And five weeks into his job, he worked a day in the state motor vehicle office sporting a "Cashier Trainee" tag before launching and winning a fight to streamline the agency.

After winning the Iowa Republican caucuses, Huckabee tried to reassure New Hampshire skeptics in that famously independent state that he takes the job of president seriously.  Huckabee told voters there that running the country is serious business and the issues the country faces are serious.  But, he explained, he has fun because he loves America.

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