Region 8 Students Write Letters to Marines

WILSON, AR -- What started out as a class project in business class has turned into something that has had a personal impact on many students.  Students used skills they were learning in typing class to write letters to a group of marines.

"My son is a corporal in the marines.  He is stationed in Iraq for the second time," said Pattie Lovins.

That's why she came up with the idea to have each of the students write a letter to a marine in her son's platoon.

"I thought instead of just typing a letter out of a book, I wanted to make it more personal.  I also wanted the marines to get something from home," said Lovins.

The students drew names to know which marine they would write to.  The letters were graded and then mailed off.

"I've seen evidence that these letters and this project is making a difference in the hearts and minds of the students.  They're more aware," said Lovins.

"All you hear about on the news is bombs and stuff over there, but knowing that people are over there helping the children go to school is just really great," said student Richard Bailey.

"It lets the marines know that there's somebody out here that thanks you for what you're doing," said Jessica Blackman.

"Some of these students have family and friends that are in the service and have served in Iraq and I think it really touched them," said Lovins.

Jessica Blackman's dad is back from Iraq after serving for a year.  She was able to use that experience to write her letter.

"I told him that he went through Jonesboro 875th that had just come back and that he said writing letters was amazing and helped him conquer all the long months," said Blackman.

Many of the students have gotten letters back from their marine and can now keep in contact if they want to.  The next project for Mrs. Lovins class is currently underway.  They have drawn names of presidential candidates and are writing letters to them hoping for a letter in return.

As for her son, Brian, his platoon is out of Camp Pendelton in California and he should be coming home sometime this spring.