39th Infantry Brigade Arrives At Camp Shelby

One of the largest groups of soldiers arrived at Camp Shelby and many of the troops are preparing for their second tour overseas.

Hundreds of soldiers from the 39th Infantry Brigade out of Arkansas have finally made it to Camp Shelby.

They have all arrived at Camp Shelby and they're mobilizing before they can officially begin combat training.

"Its hard on my husband.  My son just went to college this year so he's home alone and he's kind of taking it hard," said Staff Sergeant Rebecca Long.

"Just the uncertainty, the unknown, actually there's no fear.  I'm just ready to get the deployment started get it over with get our training behind us and get back home," said Private Brandon Clark.

Thinking of home is hard for most of them, especially first-timers.

"A little bit, but I wouldn't say more than the average person this will be my first deployment to Iraq so I have a little bit of apprehension," said Sergeant Joseph Edwards.

As for others, missing home is what keeps them going.

I love you Tamela, the kids, and mom and dad and all my brothers and I hope to see you all soon," said Staff Sergeant Andrew Smith.

All 32-hundred soldiers will spend more than 2-months training before they are deployed to Iraq.

The soldiers will spend the next two weeks completing their medical, dental, and final paperwork so they can begin training for their deployment.