Help For Storm Victims, One Gives Account Of Seeing Damage


"My mouth just dropped," said Nakia Taylor, a victim of Tuesday afternoon's storms. "I didn't believe what I was seeing. You leave your house one day and they you come back and let's just say I wasn't expecting that."

Taylor is still reeling from the events of that stormy afternoon, when she got a phone call while working at Arkansas Glass, that her home was hit with the fierce force of mother nature.

"My supervisor had told me there was a tornado that touched down at Matthews and Gee street. I thought he was kidding," said Taylor.

The damage done to Taylor's home on Matthews St. was no joke.

"I saw the trees and the backyard, the whole carport gone, the dog house, the back door and there was a big hole in my attic," she said.

The cost of fixing this structural damage could leave a big hole in Taylor's wallet. She says the home was never insured.

That's where Joe James comes in to the picture. He's helping Taylor get back on her feet by collecting goods she can use in this time of flux.

James says there are six other homeowners who are in need of assistance, whether that comes in the form of a place to stay, or food, he says every bit helps.

"We're going to need space heaters, blankets, matresses and pillows and temporary food," said James.

If you're intersted in donating items or volunteering call Southwest Church of Christ at (870) 932-9254.

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