Beebe Surveys Tornado Damage

LITTLE ROCK, AR - Governor Beebe has surveyed damage from storms and a tornado.  He traveled to west-central Arkansas yesterday after Tuesday's stormy weather that killed one person and destroyed homes and farm buildings.

Beebe visited Appleton in Pope County and Jerusalem in nearby Conway County and talked with local emergency officials, who are expected to ask the governor to declare their communities disaster areas.  The governor said in a phone interview that there are a lot of pieces of scrap metal in trees and fence lines, and a lot of insulation and lumber strewn around.  He said that, although the area is not densely populated, there were places where there were several houses together that were damaged.

The unusual January storm was triggered when a Pacific cold front collided with muggy Gulf air.  It rolled a double-wide mobile home off its cinder block supports in eastern Pope County, killing a man and injuring his wife.

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