John Kerry Endorses Barack Obama

The Illinois Senator looking for the Democratic Presidential nomination has a new ally Thursday morning.  John Kerry, who lost his bid for Presidency in 2004, is placing his support behind Barack Obama.

Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, had originally been thought of as a likely candidate for President himself until an incident hurt those prospects when Kerry made comments about low intelligence and being in Iraq.  The comments were directed at President Bush, but came under fire as being directed towards U.S. soldiers.

This development is significant for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that Kerry is not supporting his 2004 running mate, John Edwards.  Edwards, while still in third, has sizeable support in the lower teens in many states.  Also, Kerry's endorsement is the first big nod since Obama partnered with Oprah last year.  That partnership helped Obama gain momentum while racing into Iowa to win its caucus. 

Obama had expected to win the New Hampshire primary, bolstering a decent margin of a lead.  However, after a surprise comeback from Hillary Clinton's campaign, Obama came in at a close second.