New History Museum for Greene county

PARAGOULD - After four years of hard work the new Greene County History Museum is set to open

Bettye Busby had a dream, as the president of the Greene County Historical Society she knew Greene county needed a museum. So she formed a committee to start it up. However...

Busby, "We had no money and we had no building. So we searched, we found different buildings but they were 85,000 or a hundred thousand, but when you have no money we just couldn't do it."

They had their eye on the old Governor Futrell house which had been sitting empty for several years. At long last the bank that owned the house gave it up.

Busby, "We got the news one morning, they had decided to donate the building to us. So that's how we have this building."

Having sat empty for a number of years the building needed lots of work, but Bettye had vision.

Busby. "I could see it, I could visualize it, I knew it would take a lot of work, a lot of money but I could visualize it, I'm a dreamer."

Of course nothing could be done without an army of volunteers, some days the ranks were thin but even today as the clock ticks down, volunteers were hanging pictures and the other tasks that need to be done before opening day.

"I came up here just to help out for a few days and I found such a sweet lady up here that I can't leave her. I'll just stay up here and she thanks me so much. It's so much appreciated."

Raymond Edgar a retired painter and life long Greene County resident, hangs pictures, towel racks just about anything that needs to be done. He thinks visitors are in for a real surprise.

Edgar,"I think sir, it'll be the condition of the stuff that the people are bringing in, I mean, it's priceless."

For now, most exhibits are on the ground floor.

Now the only room that's finished upstairs is the military room. It's got memorabilia that goes all the way back to the civil war up to today's modern gulf war.

The museum opens to the public this Saturday.

Edgar, "I think Greene County was hungry for a museum. "

Busby, "I think January 12, my dream and others peoples dreams, we're gonna see it come alive."

The museum is located on south 14th street in Paragould and opens this Saturday at one p.m.