Region 8 Teacher Busted On Meth Charges

TYRONZA, AR -  Tyronza Police Chief Tony Turner says they found meth when he and a K9 unit from Marked Tree searched the home of 47 year old James David, or J.D. Bodry. According to the chief, the meth was made inside the home.

Chief Turner says Bodry was under investigation for eight months.  Lots of traffic coming to his home with barred windows at all hours of the day and night was the big tip off.

Perhaps the most disturbing part of the story is Bodry's occupation. He's a science teacher just down the road at Turrell.

It could be considered a case of life imitating art. The cable network AMC is about to start a mini series called ''Breaking Bad''. It's about a high school science teacher who starts making meth to deal with financial hardships. This real crime involving a science teacher has a cinematic edge too. Turner told us Bodry had security cameras around his home to monitor anyone who approached. One of them was hidden. Using the cameras in that manner is one of several charges facing Bodry. The rest are all drug related, one of them is for having or making the drugs too close to a church.