Octane Up?

  JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Whether your driving to work or going to the store you may noticed the climbing gas prices. Its something that affects us all.  But you may have wondered if I go to higher or lower octane level would it improve my car's performance.?

The lowest gas price I found in town on Friday was around two ninety four a gallon. With plenty of pumping going on.

But I wondered, could I stretch my fuel dollars and help out my engine by going to a higher octane gas?

Curt Bryant has been in the repair business for over thirty years. When I talked to him over at Cavenaugh's shop. He clued me in as to why most cars use lower octane gas.

"Octane ratings today are more car-orientated by design. Most of your cars manufactured today are built for the 87 octane fuel. If you notice very few people want to buy the high octane fuel because it's so expensive."

The high octane gases are made for cars like this for Shelby Cobra GT. They have high compression which means they need the higher octane gas, high compression, higher power. If you're putting higher octane gas in your car, because you think you can get better mileage, you're just throwing money away.

Bryant, "I don't think it'll help the performance much . You won't notice the difference much for the pennies that you spend on it. I don't think you will."

As far as bargain gas, basically all gas has to meet the same EPA standards. The only real differences are additives that some refiners mix in.

Bryant, "Supposedly your 89 has got a few more additives to give you a little boost out on the road. Now whether or not they do or not, the driver can tell.a good driver may be able to tell a little difference."

The bottom line is if you want bargain priced gas, shop around, and be aware, the wrong octane levels can even cause damage to your engine.

So what's best for your car?  Get out your owners manual and read it and follow what it says.

Bryant, "I see it work, it works real good, it's a good tool, it's to your advantage to get that little book out of the glove box."

The best way to get better mileage, is to keep your car tuned up. Check for proper inflation of your tires, and simply.......slow down.