Will HDTV's Lead You to Buy A New TV Cabinet?

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Over the holiday's many people in Region 8 got new HDTV's.  Now some are running into a problem of where to put them.

"There's nothing like getting home with a 52 inch TV and not having anywhere to put it," said Daniel Pagan.

Pagan is the entertainment supervisor at Circuit City.

"Mostly people come in to buy the mid-grade HDTV which is about 40-46 inches.  We do sell them a lot bigger, a lot smaller too," said Pagan.

The shape of the HDTV's is a lot different too. These televisions are much wider, which can pose a problem when you get it home to your traditionally shaped cabinet.

"We've went to this wider format TV.  The TV is wider and shorter than they had been.  Even the largest cabinet with doors five years ago wouldn't handle that TV," said Keith Harris.

Harris furniture in Jonesboro has some of the traditional cabinets in stock, but Keith Harris said those cabinets are not what people are shopping for.

"Before Christmas it was every other call or person through the door was looking for a new cabinet to hold their new TV," said Harris.

"I think its very common.  Most houses are filled with those built in cabinets so it's kind of a pain to get one of these widescreen TV's," said shopper Shady Francis.

Many shoppers said they have thought of what to do when they get their new TV home.

"I'm already got armoire.  It's big enough to accommodate it so I've already done my measuring," said Tamara Baughn.

But for those who haven't done that measuring, a new cabinet may be the next purchase.

"If we didn't measure and we had to buy another piece of furniture that could be another possible expenditure that we didn't expect," said Baughn.