Extra Parking Coming for Downtown Jonesboro

JONESBORO (KAIT) -- New parking spots will be added to downtown Jonesboro in the next year which is something the people who come downtown say is needed.

"It's so jam packed in here you can hardly get around," said Donald Christopher.

"I work just down the street and you have to park pretty far in order to get in," said Stephanie Pierce.

"I try to go to several places here on Main Street and it's hard to find parking," said Dena Villani.

Drivers come down to downtown Jonesboro every day, often driving around in circles to find one of the coveted parking spaces.  Dena Villani said she likes coming downtown, but doing it can be frustrating.

But this time next year that shouldn't be a problem.

"The city has decided to follow through with parking plans for a lot on the corner of Monroe and Union that will have more than 100 spaces.  It's going to be a free lot with no time limit," said Paula Robertson of the Downtown Jonesboro Association.

Other lots being fixed up include a lot near the Forum and another near the old skate park.  Another parking lot that is not used very often is the old skate park.  That parking lot has 52 marked spaces that are available for use by the public.

The Downtown Jonesboro Association hopes business owners and their employees will use these parking lots and leave curb side parking for customers coming downtown.

"It's going to make a big difference and those are all located in good spots and you'll have easy access to all the businesses," said Villani.

"It basically puts you at all the corners for what we consider the 'entertainment district' for downtown.  It gets you to the restaurants, it gets you to the Forum, it gets you to shopping within a block," said Robertson.

The work on the lots is expected to be finished sometime in 2008.