Killer Faces Death Sentence, Then Life Behind Bars

MEMPHIS, TN - A two-time killer who raped and murdered an elderly Memphis woman will still have a life sentence hanging in Mississippi after his death sentence has been served in Tennessee.

Richard L. Odom, 46, has been on Tennessee's death row since 1992 for murdering 77-year-old Mina Johnson, who was killed while Odom was on the run from a murder sentence in Mississippi.

Three Tennessee juries sentenced Odom to death, but the first two sentences were overturned on appeals.

Judge Chris Craft handed down Odom's third death sentence Monday.

Craft also ruled that the death sentence and Odom's unfinished life term in Mississippi must run consecutively, meaning one must end before teh other starts, and the Tennessee sentence goes first.

The judge called him "one of the worst of the worst."

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