King's Ranch One Step Closer to Becoming Safe Haven for Children

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- It's 60 acres of land atop Crowley's Ridge that once used to be a gravel pit.  But now, Dr. Eddie Cooper and his wife, Lee, call it God's country.

It's in Jonesboro they built their house and sprawling farm in the hopes of opening their hearts to children, the King's Ranch provides a home for abused, neglected or abandoned children, six to 12 years of age.

It's a dream that the Coopers says God has given them...a 4,900 square foot house sitting on 10 acres of dogwood and blackberry filled forest.  And they hope to fill it with children, but not their own, rather with kids they say that need a home and someone to believe in them.

"We feel like that over the last several years god has called us to start a children's Christian ranch. It's non denominational and non profit on our property," said Dr. Eddie Cooper.

Dr. Cooper and his wife are adding another 10 acres of sprawling country side to their estate...only this land and the house with it are part of their project, the King's Ranch. The Coopers hope to house 8 children here along with two Christian house parents, their purpose, to find homes for abused, neglected and abandoned children.

"Once we close on the house, we'll need Metropolitan Planning Commission approval to use it for that purpose, it's a conditional use permit. That will be our next hurdle. After that, we can proceed with licensing by the state, we'll be fully certified and licensed by the state," said Dr. Cooper.

"Because we are a nonprofit, we really need to keep our costs down. and anyone is interested in donating time or materials to help us with the renovations and the maintenance things that need to be taken care of, it would be greatly appreciated," said Lee Cooper.

The Coopers hope to have King's Ranch filled with children by ages six through 12 picked through an extensive application process.

"In the process of praying about it, God put a double rainbow, ground to ground over the house and we've only seen that one other time in my whole life and that's when we prayed whether to buy the land or now, so it's just a conformation to me that his hand was on it and this was the house he'd chosen," said Dr. Cooper.

King's Ranch is funded entirely through private donations.  For more information, log onto