Vehicles Equipped With Built-In Safety Features Could Save Young Lives

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Sensors and cameras. Two technologies car dealers say they're seeing more and more of coming standard on many vehicles.

iI think safety is a big concern on most people's mind so manufactures have realized this and so as time goes on they develop safer and safer vehicles," said Terry Simmons, with Cavenaugh Ford.

Certain vehicles come complete with a dual sensor backup-camera system that alerts the driver whenever they're getting to close to an object.

Even some cars side mirrors are getting a makeover, with companies trying to reduce driver's blind spots.

The need for added safety features on vehicles comes at a time when they couldn't be more useful.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are at least 183 fatalities a year due to backover crashes.

A recent study on parking aids shows cameras to be more reliable than sensors in detecting when small children are too close to a vehicle.

Even the cameras aren't foolproof. They can sometimes fog up in rainy weather but still some vehicle makers are stepping in to improve their efficiency.

"The camera is well shielded on the back of the vehicle. The backup lights on the vehicle offer plenty of light for the camera so it's good in the daytime and the dark," said Simmons.

While the best prevention of tragedies could be old-fashioned awareness, new technologies are making the streets a little bit safer.

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