No Clear Front Runner for Republicans

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- The February 5th primaries are just two and a half weeks away and neither party has a clear cut front runner, especially the Republicans.

"It's easy to think that on the Democratic side that its going to be either Obama or Clinton, but on the Republican side its not easy to say who the chief contenders are because there's still so many of them," said ASU Political Scientist Ian Loadman.

So far Mike Huckabee has won in Iowa, John McCain won New Hampshire, and Mitt Romney recently won the Michigan primary.  Jonesboro attorney Warren Dupwe is a friend of Mike Huckabe and has campaigned with him in political races before.

"I don't think it's unusual for them to have different winners.  The Florida and South Carolina races that are coming up are going to be very important because maybe somebody is going to get a second win," said Warren Dupwe.

Another candidate we shouldn't cut out of the race yet is former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  He has decided to not put any money in any of the early primaries and is focused on Florida.

"We're going to find out very shortly if Giuliani's strategy of waiting until Florida to actually compete is going to work out if it does he's back in the race in a big way," said Loadman.

"He's putting all his eggs in that basket if he wins but if he loses it's going to be vey detrimental," said Dupwe.

"Potentially you're in a position where you've got four candidates.  Each one is a real contender going into Super Tuesday on February 5th," said Loadman.

Each candidate has their own interpretation on what it means to be a Republican and in the end it will come down to who sells it the best.

"People will try to elect someone or support someone they can identify with and feel comfortable with," said Dupwe.