Region 8 Veterinarian Facing Animal Abuse Charges

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - A Region 8 veterinarian is in trouble with the law and facing allegations of animal abuse.

Dogs, a cat, and even birds were taken out of the care of Jonathan Wilson and taken to St. Louis to recover.

We need to warn you, some of the images may not be suitable for all viewers.

"There were 45 dogs, a cat and a couple birds," said Dunklin County Sheriff, Bob Holder.

Those animals in the care of Kennett veterinarian Jonathan Wilson are now being cared for by the Missouri Humane Society in St. Louis after they were found to be living in inadequate conditions.

"There was some stagnated water and discolored water and there was also feces and urine in the area that housed the animals," said Holder.

A photograph  taken at the sight of the rescue shows torn bags with dead and decomposing animals inside.

Becky Sawyer and Tammie Ward both worked for Jonathan Wilson in the mid 90's.

Both women say they are not surprised about the allegations against Wilson.

"If they only got, we've heard 48 dogs we've heard 60 dogs--if that's all they got, then he's downsized since we were there because he had more than that when we were there," said Tammie Ward.

"We took some of the animals home that, you know, we thought weren't getting treated well. Some of them got treated well some of them didn't," said Becky Ward.

Jonathan Wilson declined our request for an on camera interview, and our request for any comment; however, a friend of his who wished to remain unidentified did say "he's not as bad as everyone is saying he is."

Meanwhile, Wilson is charged with animal abuse which is a misdemeanor.

If convicted, Sheriff Holder says there will be no jail time, but the possibility of a fine.

Wilson's court date is scheduled for February 8-th.

Meanwhile, if the humane society is awarded custody of the animals, they will be placed for adoption.