World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer Dies at 64

REYKJAVIK, Iceland (KAIT) - Famous or perhaps infamous chess champion Bobby Fischer has died, according to a spokesman.  Fischer spokesman Gardar Sverrisson said he died in a Reykjavik hospital Thursday.

Born March 9, 1943, Fischer became famous as a teenager for his ability to play chess.  He became a World Chess Champion in 1972.  In 1975, he created more controversy by refusing to defend his title.

Fischer is still the youngest-ever junior champion, as no one has broken the record he set in 1956.  In 1972, Fischer achieved mainstream fame by defeating Boris Spassky.  He subsequently appeared on the covers of Life and Sports Illustrated.

A 1993 movie titled Searching for Bobby Fischer chronicles the fictional tale of a man training his son to be as aggressive of a player as Fischer was.

Following September 11, 2001, Fischer denounced the United States.  According to reports, Fischer called the terrorist attacks of that day "wonderful news" and even called for President Bush's death.

There is no word on what the cause of death was.