Parents Helping Parents at Westside

JONESBORO (KAIT) - When tragedy strikes at home it doesn't take long for the people of Jonesboro to band together to show support and help out.

Parents of Westside children were at the elementary school today gathering money to help the family of Tavien Epley the little boy who was killed this week at Nettleton.

To Westside parents, helping in times of tragedy hits close to home.

Annette Henson, organized the fund drive, "I thought it was very important for the parents of west side since we have went through a tragedy before and we had all the support from the local community to come and help us that it was very important for us to get together and help this family also. "

Armed with KFC buckets parents braved the cold to gather bills and change from parents and students.

Henson says it's shared experiences as a parent that motivates the giving for another family.

Henson, "I think it's a good thought to know parents help parents, that we would stick together and communicate like we have."

And seeing the parents give sets the example for the kids.

Henson, "It would help the children to stay bonded together to know that the parents would stand behind them and do something like this for them also."

With school started the money was gathered and taken to the parents center for counting.

A check for a hundred was a pleasant surprise but no more important than the pennies and nickels the kids had dug down deep and found or the money from a little girls piggy bank.

Money can never replace the loss to the Epley family but perhaps they can take comfort in the words of Hensons' grand daughter who has been watching the story unfold.

"Have you been watching the news she said, the little boy has gone to heaven."

If you would like to make a donation to help pay for Taviens funeral costs, an account has been set up with Bancorp South for the family.