Traffic Light Lights All the Way for the First Time

LAWRENCE COUNTY, AR (KAIT) -- Several months ago a traffic light was installed at the intersection of Highway 91 and Highway 63 but since its installation, it has flashed yellow for traffic on 63 and red on Highway 91.

We're told that is standard procedure so that people can get accustomed to looking at the light when approaching the intersection.

"I believe the light will actually help traffic out.  It's going to be a hindrance for folks that are traveling north and south on 63, but the traffic coming off of 91 will benefit from it.>

But before that could happen they had some problems to work through.  Jason Baker is one of many who are involved in actually turning the lights on.

"Normally it's just a plug and play installation.  Right now we're having some problems with the contact monitor and the control unit," said Baker.

The team worked for about three hours, even replacing one of the central electrical boxes to get the lights up and running.

The addition of this light will probably cause some confusion for the first couple of weeks so if you travel through this area please be extra cautious.