Mitchell Johnson Trial Begins in Week: Exclusive Arrest Video

FAYETTEVILLE (KAIT)-"Where you going brother," asked a Fayetteville Police Officer.

On January 1, 2007 just after 7:00 p.m. the whereabouts of Mitchell Johnson were finally revealed.

"It's going to be a blue and white Economy line van," alerted officers.

He and Justin Trammell were pulled over just outside a Fayetteville gas station.

Around 7:17p.m.  Johnson can be seen getting out of the passenger side of the van, which he and Trammel had packed with a few items that caught the attention of police.

"We have information that ya'll were in possession of 100 pounds of marijuana," said officers to Johnson.

They not only found marijuana, but a pistol was pulled from one of the boys bags, and in the back of the van was a hunting rifle.

However, the weapons seemed to cause confusion for officers who thought Johnson was a convicted felon.

Listen to this conversation between police and Johnson after he was placed in the back seat of a police cruiser.

"Officer: You do know you can't be in possesion of a firearm? Johnson: I did not know that. Officer: Yes, because you are a convicted felon, correct? Johnson: No sir, I'm not. Officer: You're not? Johnson: No sir. Officer: On your criminal history you come back with capital murder in 98."

However, Johnson's record was expunged and he currently isn't a convicted felon.

But he's definitely no stranger to being arrested.

"It does feel better being in the back of a police car this time, than it did the first time," remarked Johnson in the back of the cruiser.

But this time his ride will land him in Federal Court.

Next Monday he is set to appear before a Federal Trial Jury in Fayetteville on weapons and drug possession charges.

And this time, he could end up a convicted felon.

Just last week Johnson's defense attorney filed a motion with the court to suppress statements that were made between Johnson and the officers the night of the arrest, saying he was not read his miranda rights.

However, that motion is still pending at this time.

And beginning Monday I will have live coverage of the trial as it unfolds from Fayetteville, and will bringing everyone the latest via Region Eight News and

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