Jonesboro Remembers Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

JONESBORO - It's been nearly forty years since the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. And today across America, his sacrifice was honored and remembered.

The Jonesboro Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration is filled with the spirit of the man.

Angela Lewis was at ASU to watch the events unfold. "We want to give and respect to those that paid the price. To be able to have the right to walk , to have jobs. And create the atmosphere of all people to show being equal as one. >

Any observer would feel the pride in Dr. Kings accomplishments and the lasting dream he left behind. So is the dream alive and are you living the dream?

Dr. Ray Scales an organizer of today's event. "I think it is an ongoing dream and that's what we're working on. I think we have dreams yet unfulfilled. With each generation I think things keep getting better with all the races. And the relationship between them and that's what we're working on.that everybody will have that part of the American dream."

As the parade moved on to the ASU campus the crowd swelled adding students and watchers walking behind banners and the united nations flag.

This years presidential elections has placed a woman and African American candidate in the forefront. I asked the question, is this the dream Dr. King had so long ago?

Lewis -"How were we to have known that we would have a woman asking to be president and a black man asking to be president? so this is a dream that's coming true we have to say a dream coming true. So if it comes true or not that is yet to be seen. But yeah this could very well be very well could be."

In the ballroom the air was electric with singing and a spirit that defies description.

Attorney general Dustin Mcdaniel was the keynote speaker his moving speech to the crowd brought cheers and applause as he quoted the reverend Al Sharpton describing king as a man of courage who went where he was needed despite the danger.

McDaniel, "Martin had courage, we should have courage we should be smart enough to be scared and go anyway. What did he do, when he died he was in Memphis Tennessee trying to help striking garbage workers because they needed his help. They needed him so he got up and he went."

Though Dr. King is not physically with us anymore his spirit and his dreams live on in us in his words to all.

Mcdaniel "I'm not worried about anything. I'm not fearing any man. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord. Folks that's courage."

Monday's  activities will concluded  with a candlelight vigil at ASU.