Road Crews Ready For Winter Weather

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Some roads in Region 8 could be hard to navigate in the event icy weather hits our area.

Craighead County Highway Department road crews are on stand by ready to attack problem areas if wintry weather hits Region 8.

A couple of sand trucks are already full and several other trucks are ready to be filled and sent out if need be.

Eugene Neff with the highway department says if we do get icy precipitation and road crews are called out, they will hit problem areas like bridges first and then hit busy intersections in and around Jonesboro.

"If I feel like we need to get out, then I'll start calling people in. We've got 30-something guys we can call in if we need them. We've got all of our pick-ups ready--filled up and ready to go at a minutes notice if we need to get out or anything," said Neff.

Neff says they have between 15 and 30 tons of sand ready to use on the streets in the event they become icy in the overnight hours.