ASU Students Drying Out After Apartments Soaked With Water


On Sunday afternoon at ASU's on-campus Collegiate Park apartment complex, a pipe burst in the ceiling of one upstairs unit, resulting in a flood of water that left at least two to three inches of the living room soaked.

"Water was just coming out of everywhere, like the ceiling had collapsed or something," said student, Larry Handy, who witnessed the event.

Donterrius Williams lives in an apartment downstairs and was in his bedroom at the time the water seeped into his apartment, causing his living room ceiling to also collapse.

"It seemed like a waterfall just coming down the stairwell. Sounded like water running and I figured they just left the sink or the bathtub on or something," said Williams.

Williams says lucky for him, the damage to his personal items was minimal because he had time to put some things in his room.

"The water just kept on coming it never did slow down," he said. "They cut the electricity out and then I moved some of my things onto my bed."

The mess left behind included sheetrock, insulation and hundreds of gallons of water that officials with Elam Enterprises say had to be pumped out of seven different apartments.

Blowers are being used to help dry out the carpets.

Patrick Dixon is with Arkansas State's residence life program. He says there are some options available to the students whose apartment's were damaged.

"We made an effort to contact them last night to find out what their plans were for today and the ones that were coming in today, we relocated those students to North Park Quads or to one of the rooms here in this facility," said Dixon.

Dixon says it will take about a week to clean up all the units before the students can return.

In 2000, a pipe burst in the same apartment, only that incident involved the bedroom and not the living room. The complex says it was a problem in the design of the dry sprinkler system. They say it's since been remodeled, but it will take time for an investigation into the cause to be complete.

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