Mother of accused teen vandal speaks out

MARION, AR (WMC-TV) - 17 year-old Jeremy Westbrook is one of four Marion High School teens in big trouble.

"All I know is a teacher's house got vandalized," said Sharon Bohanon.

She is Westbrook's mother.

"My son didn't know anything about it, nothing!" said Bohanon.

She said her son barely knows the other three teens charged as adults for trashing the teacher's house.

"He has have never taken a class from the teacher," said Bohanon.  "Don't even know what the teacher look like," she added.

Bohanon believes her son's arrest may be retaliation for a lawsuit she filed two years ago.  In it, she claimed police unlawfully searched her home.

"It's like nobody's watching over these police officers," said Bohanon.  "They just do whatever they want to do," she added.

"I would expect my parents to do the same if I was in that situation," said Crittenden County Sheriff's Investigator Tommy Martin.

She said no parent wants to believe their kid is capable of committing a crime.  However, in this case, he said there is evidence tying the teens to the teacher's house.  It's a house where the walls, floors, and even furniture were destroyed and the water was left to overflow tubs.  All of it happened while the teacher was on vacation.

"It's really mind-blowing that someone could go in and do that to someone's house," said Martin.

He says Bohanon's claim of retaliation is mind-blowing too.

"There are checks and balances for all that," said Martin.

Bohanon still believes the teacher is not the only victim.  Her son is too.

"Her house is totally destroyed and I have sympathy for her," said Bohanon.  "But they need to get who actually done it," she added.

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