ASU Faculty Exploring Improving Campus Security

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- "Basically, I just try and use the buddy system all of the time...simple things like not leaving your dorm room at like 1 in the morning," said ASU student Yesenia Hernandez.

"I see police all of the time, but I have never been in a situation where I need to get police," said ASU student Doug Harlan.

"I  feel very safe on campus, you know there is always more you can do, but I feel very safe on campus," said ASU student, Ryan Trevathan.

Campus safety was the hot topic Wednesday afternoon as faculty members discussed ways to make the campus safer, whether teachers and students are in the classroom or just walking on campus.

"What we're really discussing is the university's response to particular issues of concern whether it's a tragedy in the making on campus, or just issues of concerns with perhaps student behavior, said ASU's Dr. Glen Jones.

While the seminar is geared towards faculty members, the goal is to create and implement plans that will provide the safest environment possible for students and faculty.

It's all in preparation for the unexpected.....making sure students, and especially teachers know how to react appropriately and safely.

"We wanted to be proactive and engage our faculty because they are on the front lines. Typically, they will see the most disturbing behaviors first. We wanted to make sure that we equip them with the skills that they will need in order to respond accordingly and effectively," said Dr. Jones.

From faculty at the university police department to the counseling center, a wide range of view points on things like campus lighting to locking classroom doors are addressed in efforts to come up with safety plans and solutions to take to the larger campus community for implementation in the event of a tragedy.

"Prayerfully this will never happen on our campus, but if it does happen, I feel we will be better prepared.  We'll have a better communication structure in place, and we'll have a better understanding of what all of our roles and responsibilities are," said Dr. Jones.