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Good Thursday Morning!  Here's a look at the headlines for Your Morning!

We won't see any rainfall today but that does not mean it will be nice outside.  A high of 33F means the temperatures will be below freezing most of the day.  That could double by Monday.  Chris Castleman will tell you the specifics on Good Morning Region 8.

If you fly with Mesa Airlines out of Jonesboro, you may want to start planning.  That's because Mesa has requested to cease its route here on April 21, 2008.  This route includes Dallas, El Dorado, Hot Springs and Jonesboro.  Don't expect to see Jonesboro plane-less anytime soon though.  Under the Department of Transportation's "Essential Air Service" program, Mesa can not leave until another airline has taken its route.

On the subject of Jonesboro and moving out of one's position, Jonesboro's finance director Don Ray announced that he will resign on February 1, which is the deadline for Jonesboro to have an operating budget in place.  Ray says there is just too much animosity within the city's government.

A Bald Knob man is arrested after failing to register as a sex offender.  Authorities in White County say 46 year old Robert Dallas Ward was arrested at work earlier this week.  Ward became a sex offender when he was arrested for sexual indecency with a child back in 2001.  Failing to register as a sex offender is a class D felony.

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In light of Heath Ledger's death comes concern over drug overdoses.  Find out what makes some prescription medicines so deadly.

Also, we have the latest in the business world including what the President and Congress are doing to make sure the word "recession" isn't one that defines the U.S. economy.

And with the Presidential campaign getting rough and dirty, Jeanne Moos takes Barack Obama up on one of his Clinton questions:  Bill's dancing ability.

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