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Today's weather outlook looks like we may see some wintry precipitation tonight.  A cold day may be in store for today, but it could be in the 60s by the end of the weekend.  Chris Castleman has your full forecast on Good Morning Region 8.

A suspected arsonist is in jail this morning and neighbors are breathing a sigh of relief.  Deborah Taylor is the suspect in jail.  Pocahontas police officials say she set many fires, most of which were minor but some were much more.  One fire burned the house of a 92 year old woman down and came close to taking the life of that very woman.  Taylor is facing 12 charges including 6 counts of arson.  One of the homes set on fire was her own.

In Jonesboro, officials finally hammer a budget out for the 2008 calendar year.  Thursday night, the finance committee voted to present the 2008 city budget in a special meeting next Wednesday at 4 p.m. when the budget is expected to be approved.  The new budget includes a police incentive package.

The 24 year old man guilty of killing his grandparents will spend the next 15 years in prison.  James Duncan entered into a plea deal in exchange for testimony in the case where his grandparents bodies were in their burned down home back in 2004.  Eugene Duncan and Frances Duncan, both of Southeast Missouri, were 74 and 73 years old respectively.

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A fire in Pocahontas unrelated to the story above leaves an 875th family with nothing just as the husband leaves for training.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has fallen behind in the polls in the state of Florida.  He found time to talk to reporters while on his morning jog.  We'll show you what he said.

And a blind man in Region 8 adopts a blind child.  Find out what the man and his wife say made this a perfect fit.

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