Dozens of Maltreated Animals Rescued From Region 8 Breeder


24 dogs and cats were plucked from a home in Jonesboro Thursday, where they were living in deplorable conditions.

The animals are now in the care of Northeast Arkansans for Animals, or NAFA. As Wandda Turner explains, the biggest hurdle now for these animals is "to realize that people will love them and hug them and put them to bed," she said.

It's this type of basic care that the 12 cats and 12 dogs rescued by Jonebsoro animal control weren't receiving from their breeder. Instead they were thought of, as Turner says, puppy machines.

Matting of the hair, poor dental care and urine burns are just some of the painful ailments suffered by these animals.

NAFA has seen plenty of animals go on to adjust to normal life after such a diffcult upbringing.

Some of the cats and dogs will be ready for temporary foster homes within the next week, while for others it could take a few weeks before they're ready to go home with a new family.

"Family after family after family comes in and says we weren't sure, but now there is no greater joy," she said.

Even though it may be a long road ahead for these animals, it's the love of a family that NAFA says you can give.

"There'll be a week worth of just kinda realizing that they aren't just a breeding machine. Then we'll start looking for foster homes or permanent homes because they deserve to be somebody's one and only."

If you'd like to make one of these animals your "one and only" call (870) 932-1955 or check out:

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