Chelsea Clinton Makes Campaign Stop In Region 8


In an effort to drum up support for her mom's presidential bid before Arkansas' primary on Feb. 5, Chelsea Clinton made an appearance Sunday afternoon at Arkansas State University's Student Union.

"I just want to meet her because I'm a big Hillary fan," said Tiffinay Sparks, an Arkansas State student.

The appearance is Chelsea's way of supporting her mom Hillary Clinton, after she lost out to Barack Obama this past weekend in the South Carolina primaries.

Clinton says she's hoping her effort to reach out to young people will win Hillary some very crucial votes.

The Q&A format induced some audience members to voice what concerns them most in this presidential election and Chelsea made a point to remind the audience, she'll always remember her arkansas roots.

"I have to say I enjoyed coming across the bridge into Arkansas on the better side of the river," said Clinton. "Don't tell that to anyone in Tennessee."

When it comes to the Clinton family's Arkansas roots, Blytheville native Cecile McDonald knows all about it. He's been there through the thick and thin of the election process with former president Bill Clinton. McDonald was active in the Clinton administration. He brought his daughter Michelle to the event, hoping Chelsea's words will inspire a new generation.

"This campaign is really about my daughter," said McDonald. "This is how my father got me involved (in politics) so I'm bringing my daughter."

"I've seen her come through Gosnell and Manila, so it's nice Chelsea's decided to come to Jonesboro," said Michelle McDonald.

What did Region 8 Hillary fans think of Chelsea's visit?

"Chelsea related to the young people that were here, the middle aged and even the older people because they see the sincerity in her," said Darlene Moore.

"I think it's very important as a woman that for the first time in our country's history we as women have a chance to take the highest office in the country," said Rosemary Freer.

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