Arrest Made in Kennett Murder

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) -- A Region 8 man is in police custody charged with the stabbing death of 32-year-old Phillip E. Jarvis Junior.  26-year-old Max Arnold is charged with Murder in the 2nd degree and Armed Criminal Action.

"I'm shocked because this is normally a good town, a small town.  Stuff like this just doesn't happen.  You just don't find people under your carport dead," said Jamie Sharp.

Jamie Sharp woke up Sunday morning to a banging on her door.  A friend who stopped by found a dead man in her carport.

"I was going to check his pulse and see if he was breathing but I never touched him because I could look and see right away he was dead," said Sharp.

Sharp called 911 to report the crime.

"Officers arrived and discovered the male had a stab wound and a head wound," said Kennett Police Chief Barry Tate.

Tate says with help of the Dunklin County Major Case Squad they were able to make quick work of this case.

"We did a canvas of the area and contacted several witnesses that told us that us that there were fights all night involving the victim and another man," said Tate.

Police say witnesses told them Jarvis left after the first fight but about ten minutes later he came back to square off once more with 26-year-old Max Arnold who police say killed Jarvis.

"He came back and he had a tire tool and another fight ensued.  He was struck in the chest with the knife by the suspect and he had apparently not known he had killed him," said Tate.

Police have the murder weapon.  They say another witness threw the knife in a nearby ditch.  Jarvis somehow made his way a couple hundred yards away to Jamie Sharp's carport where he died.

Sharp's carport has one spot of blood where the body was found and now she will always wonder if there was anything she could've done.

"I just wish I would have heard him because I truly believe if I had gotten to him, if I could have gotten him some help he might be all right," said Sharp.