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Good Tuesday morning!  Here is a look at Your Morning headlines!

In the weather, we will continue to see warm winds and moist air today and a very good chance of showers and thunderstorms.  Chris Castleman will have the full forecast on Good Morning Region 8 and will tell you why you will need a t-shirt on Tuesday and a sweater on Wednesday.

We continue to track the Mitchell Johnson trial this morning.  Jury selection is complete and the hearing is underway in Fayetteville.  Monday afternoon, the jury heard opening arguments.  Johnson's defense described Mitchell as a kid with "a dream" for bigger and better things.  It's truly a compelling story that will probably have you scratching your head more than once.  Johnson could spend a maximum of 10 years in prison.  Track the trial with us on at this link.

Kennett police have a suspect in custody for the murder of 32 year old Phillip Jarvis.  26 year old Max Arnold is charged with 2nd degree murder after police say he hit Jarvis in the head with a tire tool and then stabbed him in the chest.  Jarvis was found dead in his carport late Sunday morning.  Police say the fight happened after an earlier incident at a party.

The Craighead County Quorum Court is revoking an ordinance related to sexually oriented businesses after being threatened with federal lawsuit.  This comes after Seductions Lingerie files suit declaring the ordinance vague.  They say it does not define what a sexually oriented business is.

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Keith Boles is back from Camp Shelby, Mississippi and has the first in a three part series about the 39th and what they're doing before going off to war.

The extremely important Florida primary happens today.  While the Democrats do not have delegates at stake due to the primary being moved back, Republicans are neck and neck in a very important race that may determine who gets the GOP nomination.  We have the latest from the Sunshine state.

And everyone and their uncle are endorsing someone for President these days.  Jeanne Moos has a lighter look at the endorsement games!

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