High Winds Damage High School Gym

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - High winds tore across the town and damaged the roof on the high school gym. Officials have canceled all classes at the school on Wednesday.

"It had been blowing and it was blowing harder and then suddenly he got a phone call that said the roof on the gym had just peeled off and the trees were bent half over."

Philip Taylor was visiting at the school bus yard when high winds ripped across Pocahontas about 3 PM Tuesday.

Pocahontas School Superintendent, Daryl Blaxton, "We had dismissed school right as all this was occurring. And right at that time we got a call from the 911 office and they said because of straight line winds and some problems that were occurring out in the county they called us to hold the busses."

The metal was peeled on the gym roof like a roll of tin foil. Insulation was still being tossed around by the wind and strung along the fences like foil decorations. All of this happening in a manner of minutes.

Blaxton, "3:10 - 3:15 we got a call from the central office that the metal was peeling back on our high school gym roof."

School will be dismissed on Wednesday for clean up and to assess any other damage.

Elsewhere in Pocahontas the roof on the DHS building looked as if it had been raked by a giant claw and in the fading light the still high winds shook signs.

There are incredible pictures from the afternoon that viewers from Region 8 have sent in and we have posted those pictures here on our web site.