Mascot Selection Committee Recommends Wolves for New ASU Image

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A historic day at Arkansas State University!  After 76 years with an Indian mascot, ASU could now be the wolves, pending a final decision from the school's chancellor.  A mascot selection committee chose the idea from more than 1500 suggestions after the NCAA banned the school from hosting post season championship events because of its Indian name.

"I think if we can get a name that we don't' get sued or laughed at we have done our job," laughed committee member Tommy Reese.

It was a decision that took time, effort and several motions...but members of the Mascot Selection Committee finally came to the recommendation of wolves for the University's new image.

"We did exactly what we said we were going to do in the beginning, we unified ourselves and we came together to do what's best for the university for our region and for our community," said committee member Carrie White.

"It was not one of my choices I made in the beginning but as we saw it. I think it's appropriate, it will be a good one and it will be something we'll be proud of," said committee member Joe Turney.

On Wednesday, the committee made the choice from the options of ridge riders and a train concept....something students and alumni are howling with delight about.

"I love it. I loved the final two that they had, the express and the red wolves, I loved both of them. I'm just glad that we have a mascot now," exclaimed student Chris Buttgins.

"Trains 20 years from now are not going to mean anything because we're probably going to have an overpass here. So students that graduate now, 20 years from now are not going to even know what you are talking about," said Jerry Anderson, Class of '73, "A red wolf is at least something you can get excited about. And I can say I am a red wolf, I'm not ever going to say I am a train."

No decision has been made on whether the school will go by "red" wolves or not.  That decision now falls to the chancellor and the board of trustees.