Roof Repair Begins Across Region 8

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) -- Roofs are being repaired all across Region 8 after strong winds ripped through the area.

One of the buildings most damaged in the wind storm is the roof of the gym at Pocahontas High School.  On Wednesday the administration began assessing the damage.

Architect Dan Bartlett said the damage won't be hard to fix.

"Once the wind got under the edge it just peeled it back like a tuna fish can, so it's minor superficial damage," said Bartlett.

"We've cleaned up the debris that was around campus.  We've had the roofers up on the roof getting the roof in the dry so that we don't have any leaking," said Pocahontas Superintendent Daryl Blaxton.

"I'd say they'd have it water tight by Wednesday night and that would be a temporary fix and then another week or so and they'll have it permanently fixed," said Bartlett.

School was cancelled for Wednesday so the repairs can be made and Superintendent Blaxton spent the day taking advantage of that.

"We've walked the roof and we've gotten the sign off by the architect and engineer that there's no structural damage," said Blaxton.