Shoppers Grab Essentials As Snow, Sleet Hits Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-- The sleet turned to flakes just before noon Thursday in Jonesboro, but before that shoppers were already out picking up supplies for the winter storm. The list is short and the shopping is fast...bread, milk and eggs flying off the shelves and into carts as quickly as shoppers can grab them.

"Our neighbor told us it was snowing and the roads were white so we are ready to head back home," said shopper Debbie Hutsell of Hoxie. Parker Road Wal-Mart stockers have been keeping shelves filled for weather ready customers.

"I've never known a time when we've run out of milk or eggs or bread," said Wal-Mart assistant store manager Sue Wery, "Because fortunately some of our vendors are local and if we have to we can get them to bring it in to us."

Wery predicts business will continue to pick up until sunset Thursday night.

"It's really a good time; it kind of puts us under a lot of stress, employees working in the store. But as far as sales and what they are purchasing, it's always a great time for Wal-Mart," said Wery.

While some shoppers are simply enjoying a break from school...

"I think it's neat, I like to play in the snow!" laughed 9-year-old Emily Hutsell.

Others are preparing for what might come.

"They talk like it's not going to be too bad, I hope. But you never know with Arkansas weather," said shopper Jeanetta Farmer.

Not surprisingly, de-icer and ice melt are also on the top of most shopper's lists.