Snow, Sleet Takes Toll on Drivers & Roads

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -- Winter Blast '08 has taken its toll on drivers and roads across Region 8.  One of the busiest thoroughfares is along Highway 63 and Southwest Drive in Jonesboro.  Over the past several hours road conditions have improved.

The snow covered roads Thursday morning quickly became slush but that didn't mean drivers didn't have some problems, in fact there were 37 accidents in Jonesboro and Craighead County.

After noon the snow and ice started to melt a little... with the help of multiple trucks out laying down salt and sand to loosen up the ice on the road.

"The roads are in much better shape now than they were a couple of hours ago it's warmed up a couple of degrees right now we just have some rainfall," said Lt. Roy Coleman of the Jonesboro Police Department.

Lt. Coleman says they've worked several accidents due to the wintery conditions. A truck along Highway 63 slid off the road earlier and had to be towed.  Tow truck driver Bobby Holland says this is a common problem when winter weather hits.

"He was coming across the bridge and probably hit a slick spot and when he did he slip out of control with all this ice and snow that we got and he landed up on the guard rail," said Holland.

But for most drivers, the road conditions are more of a hindrance than a true problem.

"The roads right now are fairly decent shape it's clearing off stuff pretty good later on tonight they said it was going to get pretty bad but right now roads are in pretty good shape," said Holland.

But that could all change overnight, especially if the temperatures drop down.

"The main roads may be in better shape than your secondary roads but they'll definitely be hazardous in the morning," said Lt. Coleman.

Roads have been sanded and salted throughout the day today and we should not have a lot of problems with the roads right now.  In Jonesboro we're dealing with slush and just wet roads, but overnight that could all change.