Winter Weather Cripples the Ozarks

HARDY, AR (KAIT)- Snow still blankets everything in Hardy, but that was the least of the problems for motorists Thursday, who were trying to travel Highway 63 through the area.

Just before 11 I stopped off in Black Rock where the snow was falling heavily.

Traffic had slowed down tremendously as road crews worked to clear the frozen roadways.

On one side road, kids were excited as they went home from school, but for one group of high schoolers they stopped a little early.

"The bus was stopping and letting a kid off at his house, and we started sliding. I went into the ditch," said Alanna Mondy who was driving the vehicle.

Down the road another man was trying to keep that from happening, and trying to weigh down his truck so he could get home.

"I'm putting bricks in my truck so I can get to my house. How far are you from home? I just live up the hill up here, but it's all uphill," said Kenneth Meeks.

And as I drove uphill towards Hardy it was a quick hello from Frosty the Snowman just inside Imboden.

Here traffic was still creeping.

As I crossed into Sharp County it became the hills that were the biggest problem, especially for big rigs.

"That's where we have had the majority of our problems is on the steeper hills like Bowman Hill and Evening Shade. Some of the places where it's pretty steep, the 18 wheelers are having a pretty tough time. They are having to slow down for a curve or whatever, and then they will have a touch time getting up those hills," said Sharp County Sheriff Dale Weaver.

And a group of men traveling from Thayer, Missouri down to Little Rock told of their own driving experiences.

"There was two or three cars off in the ditches, one truck upside down, and another one they had the tow truck pulling him out," said Todd Hickox.

With more freezing rain expected, everyone is urging you to stay off the roads tonight if any way possible, especially if you live up here in the Ozarks where there area lot more hills than in some parts of our viewing area. Of course we are going to continue tracking this winter weather throughout the remainder of the night.

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